Smart For Life “Cookie Diet” Coming to

I’ve never heard of it, but I guess it’s a big deal… Smart For Life, which has a “cookie diet” program where you eat 6 of their special cookies each day (to replace breakfast, lunch and any snacking you do), is now being sold on Here’s an article about it.

And here’s a Costco page where you can see the Smart for Life stuff.

It ain’t cheap — $149 for 3 weeks, $199 for 30 days, $279.99 for 42 days. Actually it’s not too bad if you calculate per day: 6 to 7 bucks per day for your 6 cookies.

I just pulled out my calc and discovered the 30-day pack is actually chjeaper per day than the 42-day pack. I love it when I catch things like that.

If you’re getting a little tubby and want to try a cookie diet, now you can do it with Costco.


One response to “Smart For Life “Cookie Diet” Coming to

  1. Priscilla Mendoza

    Iwould like to order smart for life cookies.
    Thank you.

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