Things That Annoy Her at Costco

Carolyn Heston posted this list of things that annoy her at Costco. Some of them I agree with and Costco should do something about, some of them are out of Costco’s hands. You can decide which is which:

-Everyone thinks that they are in a bigger hurry than you are
-People walk extremely slow and take up a huge amount of space in the middle of the isle (the carts are too big to manever and they really need a fast and slow lane)
-The self check out does not accept cash, and there is no sign telling you this (I had to find out the hard way on Saturday)
-There are no express lines
-The parking lots
-The gas lines
-Forgetting that the employees always need to check your receipt on the way out the door (after Ive placed it in my purse and have my hands full on the way out)
-My daughter wanting to try every (and I mean every) sample they offer (even the ones I know she won’t like)
-People never smile at you
-The one isle I always need to get through is roped off because someone broke something
-You can never spend less than $200 (which is why Ive started to take cash out of my account beforehand)
-I never know where to put the 40 rolls of toilet paper Ive purchased
-Everything has to come in sets of two, at least sets of two, even if you do not need 2 coffins or 2 plasma tv’s

Carolyn, hope you don’t mind me filching your whole post. I think the receipt thing is one of the most common complaints I hear from Costco members. Seems like there should be a better way — I mean, those guys can’t really check every item in your cart!


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