Four Pack of Orange Juice and a Casket

One of the things that so many of us love about Costco is the wide range of stuff you can buy. Cheap everyday items, yes, but also plenty of things we didn’t know we wanted until we saw them at Costco with a great price. Like, um, caskets:

did you know Costco sells coffins and urns? I was surfing around the Costco website a week ago and found, on the left hand side just under the Costco logo, a link to their fine selection of post-death apparel. Costco even sells urns for your pets! My personal favourite is the 18 Gauge Steel The Kentucky Rose Casket by Universal Expedited for $1,899.99 – shipping and handling included. For Fido, there’s the Cashmere Gray Marble Eternity Pet Urn for $79.99. So, the next time I’m in the market to buy some laundry detergent in bulk and need a box for a dead loved one, I’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone – and then be able to pick up urns for the birds too.

I’ve never come across a casket at an actual Costco store. They’re either online only or I was too distracted by the free samples.


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