Are You Proud to Feed Costco to Guests?

I found this interview with Detroit interior designer Jennifer Mitchell and get this quote:

I DO NOT buy food from Costco because everyone knows it came from Costco.

Well, I never!

Hee, hee. I have to admit I have taken Costco food to “bring a dish” parties and answered sheepishly “Uh, it’s from Costco” when someone asked me if I made something I brought. But I always took it as the food was good, otherwise they wouldn’t ask. (Some of my friends would probably ask even if the food was bad and I try to get rid of friends like that.) Ms. Mitchell says Costco is a no-no, though. She’s an interior designer, so I guess I should listen… hee, hee.

How about you all? Are you proud to serve your Costco food, or do you hide it?


2 responses to “Are You Proud to Feed Costco to Guests?

  1. I live in a small enough area that Costco foods at a Potluck, party, or picnic are considered top of the mark.


  2. What kind of Costco food are you talking about? All the goods baked in store are fine, as our all the other pre-made foods available. I’m always satisfied with their meats and seafoods for my dinner parties too.

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