Is Costco A Democrat?

I know, Costco’s not a person. But if it was, I guess it would be Barack Obama’s best buddy.

The site shows you which political parties that corporations & their employees donate to. According to them, between 2004 through the middle of 2008, Costco employees gave over $700,000 to Democratic candidates and only a little over $19,000 to Republicans.

Costco was the most Democratic-leaning of the retail companies shown. Wal-Mart and Target were heavily Republican-leaning, with Target the most Republican.

I’m not so political, so I can go to any of them with a clear conscious! (Ooops, conscience, I can never get those 2 straight!)


One response to “Is Costco A Democrat?

  1. Interesting facts, and not surprising. I’m a Democrat and boycott Walmart due to their unethical practices to get the lowest prices possible….and now I know why I may feel so uncomfortable at Target too.

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