A Review of Kirkland Merlot

I found this review today of Costco’s Kirkland Merlot wine (you pronounce it “mer low” by the way, I call it “mer lot” once and really got made fun of). The writer was skeptical but really liked it in the end:

As I am intently reading the label, a fellow shopper sees I am perplexed.

She asks: “Have you tried this wine before”? Why no, I haven’t….. she advised, “Do yourself a favor…. try it”!
Now I have had this same advice in many a wine store and have experienced some bitter outcomes. Still, I love the Kirkland brand, and decided to give it a try–and put one lone bottle in my basket.
Upon arriving home, I immediately opened the bottle for breathing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait! Twenty minutes later I poured myself a glass.
The nose is really nice. Swirl, swirl, swirl…. Sip, WOW!
Not only does this not taste like any Merlot I have ever had, but it is actually really assertive and bold! Can you imagine a Merlot like this?
I really like this wine, and the woman at Costco was right.
Mocha and cedar notes finish off this fine wine (yes FINE WINE!); all this, and for $9.99 per bottle!!!!
That’s 4 exclamation points at the end!!!! I’m going to have to give it a try.

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