Downtown Vancouver Costco

This isn’t really news, but it’s news to me, so I’ll tell you about it like it’s news.

Usually Costco is a huge building with a huge parking lot around it with 700,000 people wandering every which way while you are trying to park. It’s a wonder you’ve never run over anyone there, isn’t it?

But check out the Vancouver Costco (which I learned about here):

This article from 2006 tells how they shoehorned it into downtown Vancouver:

The new store is a feat of engineering and an unusual mix of uses. It is built in a hole bordered by GM Place, the Georgia viaduct and the escarpment on the eastern end of Vancouver’s downtown. The 127,000-square-foot store, built by Concord Pacific, has two floors of parking below it, two floors of parking above it, and then, above that, another four towers of residential condos with 900 units.

Isn’t that cool?


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