A Costco Return Story is Sort of Like “The Fish That Got Away” – Hard to Believe

I have never returned anything to Costco. There have actually been a couple of times when I should have but was just lazy. Anyway, I keep hearing about their amazing return policy, and here’s another example: these people had a Costco-bought plasma TV crap out on them over 2 years ago & then look what happened…

  • We take it to a t.v. repair shop and are told the part to fix it costs $1400 + labor (far more than the t.v. is now worth).
  • We say, “NO THANKS”, pick the t.v. up and it sits in our garage for 3 more months. We can’t part with it. It represents our attempt to keep up with the Jones’s and reminds us of our failure to succeed with that.
  • We pull out the trusty 17 year old t.v. and set magnifying glasses around our living room so that we can see it.
  • I commiserate one day when a neighbor says, “Hey, didn’t you guys use to have a big flat screen t.v. in here?”
  • Intelligent neighbor then says, “You should try taking it back to Costco – they are awesome with returns.”
  • I say, “No! Are you serious? It’s been over two years now!”
  • I ask Korry, “Do we still have the receipt from Costco.” Miracle happens, he says, “YES! I put it in with all of our appliance warranties when we were remodeling.”
  • We go to Costco today, cross our fingers and walk out 20 minutes later with a BRAND-SPANKIN-NEW 42″ flat screen t.v. NO HASSLE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • It gets better. When they went to do the transaction, our Costco cards had expired….a year ago! They let us renew the card and then gave us a $1700 television. What the?!!!!

I LOVE COSTCO. It represents the American Dream, you know, the dream that someone always bails you out when something crappy happens. I mean, my jaw dropped when they said, “No problem, go pick out which T.V. you want.”

I’m not sure if Costco has always had a no-questions-asked return policy, but I bet one day soon that policy is going to change, once too many people start abusing it.

BTW, Happy Halloweenies!


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