A Salute to Coscto Edamame

I’m kind of new to edamame (“edda-ma-may” if you don’t know how its said which I didn’t), which is basically just soybeans that you pop out of the pod and eat in the same way you’d eat peanuts or whatever. I got into them because Costco has very convenient packs of them that make it easy to cook and enjoy. As Chelsey explains here:

I realize this is nothing new but the other day I was listening to the morning radio and a DJ was talking about these great frozen packages of edamame that Costco currently sells. She raved about them, so I rushed there the following Sunday to pick this product up…only to find them SOLD OUT!! Exactly one week later (this last Sunday) I headed back to Costco to again search for this wonder veggie and SCORE! They were back in stock. I picked up a box and headed home. So what makes them special? When I opened the box I found 12 individually wrapped little plastic packages of frozen edamame, exactly 100 calories per pack. I put some slits in the top of one of the packages and popped it in the micro for exactly 3 minutes and out came a pack of perfectly steamed soy bean pods. I threw a little salt on and enjoyed (while sitting in my chair reading Twilight). So convenient! Jason and I are both addicted to these little packages now.

I’m with Chelsey. They are really good, and good for someone like me who doesn’t eat enough veggies.


16 responses to “A Salute to Coscto Edamame

  1. No doubt, I’m about to sit down and eat some now, they’re awsome, and i also am not a fan of veggies. Even if tofu is not so great, the things they make it out of are.

  2. P.S, I was going a google search for the directions on preparing these things (threw out the box)

  3. I just bought some from Costco and also threw out the box. Can you please tell me how much protein, fiber, and sodium per serving they contain? Thank you!

  4. These are by far the best healthy snack out there. Just microwave the little packet, add salt and YUM!

    I AM however mad at Costco at the moment. I haven’t seen these on the shelves in months!

  5. Boo! I went in to Costco recently and found out they will not be carrying these anymore! I LOVE them and was just looking around online to see if I can buy them elsewhere…and am not finding any info??? Ideas???

  6. I’m with Mindy, I also am looking to find where else I can get these! They have been literally a staple in my diet, they’re the PERFECT lunch to take to work with some yogurt or other snacks! I think I’m going to write Costco an email to express my disappointment in them for not carrying these any more!

  7. Folks, they are available in costco but not in pod form…they are available in nut form, under the shelves where you get roasted peanuts, cashews etc. These Edamame now are roasted with seasalt and just taste the same….hope this helps…i just got a few of those myself..

  8. Sprinkle a little chili powder, cayenne powder and salt to taste after they are cooked. They are GREAT this way.

  9. edamami….can be purchased at wal mart superstore frozen section 3.47…just bought some yesterday…hope this helps…london ontario

  10. Wish they were made in the USA!

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  12. Dear JP –
    Have you ever been to the state of Illinois? They have acres and acres of soybeans growing there. All over the place, visible from the highway even. They are, in fact, the very same edamame soybeans you can purchase at Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s, etc.
    Perhaps you were being ironic in your statement. I certainly hope so.

    Good day.

  13. Just so you know, I used to be just as obsessed with edamame as all of you- until about an hour ago today. I was eating a normal batch from Costco (peggys premium brand) and low and behold in one of the pods there was a WORM.. INSIDE the POD which went INSIDE MY MOUTH! After googling it I came to find that it is a very common thing, not only with edamame, but with this exact brand of it! Beware, and do NOT eat edamame unless you take it out of the pod first

  14. FYI – I just bought the Edamame on Sunday at Costco. I was just eating one right now and saw something white in the pod. Turned out to be a worm. I will NOT be buying these any more.

  15. Are these beans organic?

  16. Eating these for a few years. Never saw anything but soybeans! Great taste and nice addition to a quick meal !!

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