How Bad Do You Want That Sample?

Here’s a little funny from Joy Kilgore’s blog:

Do I really want to stand in line for free food? If there happens to be no line and I can walk by and pick up and consume the bite-sized morsel in an inconspicuous fashion, that’s one thing. I can have it in my mouth and swallowed before I pass the trash can to dispose of the tiny napkin and toothpick. But when there is a line, I am faced with a decision. How long will I stand and wait for a one-inch square of microwaved pizza? Will I wait for the one person in line in front of me? Perhaps. But three people and a child? Absolutely not! I have my standards.

It is a little embarrassing if you think about it. Waiting like sheep for a glob of yogurt or whatever. However, Joy also makes another good point:

I can have a fairly fulfilling lunch within an hour of wandering from station to station. Sometimes I may even hit the same station two or three times if I think the little lady will not notice.

Now you KNOW you’ve done that. Yes, you, missy! Don’t look behind you, I’m talking to you!!!!


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