Costco Hot Dogs Going Downhill?

If you read enough blog posts about people’s Costco experiences, you find out that almost as many people like going to Costco for the food you eat there (Costco pizza and hot dogs especially) as the food you buy to bring home.

But I’ve seen a couple of message board threads unhappy with the hot dogs at Costco. First from Chowhound:

I dropped into Costco in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles today (this location has a large number of Jewish customers/products) and noticed something looked different – all the red Hebrew National umbrellas that adorned all the tables in the food court were gone. After shopping, I stopped for the $1.50 hot dog special and saw that the dog is now a Kirkland Brand 100% beef dog. The graphic on the sign has changed and any mention of Hebrew National or a kosher dog is now history.

Costco has been serving Hebrew National as long as I can remember. Anyone have any information as to why they changed, what happened, etc?

Then here:

What happened to the Costco Hot Dog? There a sign posted on the reader hot dog reader board that states “new” Price is the same but they switched out the Sinai 48 brand (same as Best Kosher brand) with a inferior “Kirkland Brand” What gives..?? I want my Kosher dog back!!!!

I don’t know what Sinai 48 is, but the Chowhound thread also says a Kirkland brand dog is now the dog you’ll get at the food court. Anyone know any official info there?


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