The Battle to Build a Costco

I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently about cities across the country where Costco wants to build but there is a group that is against it or at the least is concerned about it. Here’s one I saw today about the hubbub over a Costco to be built (or not) in Roseburg, Oregon.

Usually the concern is about traffic, too much of it in an area that might not be used to it or just doesn’t want it. And then the other side says “we want our Costco!” and talks about all the new jobs when really they just want to shop at Costco 🙂

I never thought about it before, but a lot of times Costco has to wait years between when they first decide to go to a new city and when they actually build. They’re not like a smaller store because they need that huge building and the huge parking lot around it, so it’s always a big deal to stick to local zoning laws (or have them changed to let Costco in).

Anyway, I think it’s interesting.


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