Anyone Returning The Rebates They Received on Returned Items?

So you buy a mixer that has a $10 rebate. You get the rebate and then using Costco’s generous return policy, you decide a while later that the mixer just isn’t working out. So you take it back to Costco for a refund.

You wouldn’t pocket that $10 rebate, would you?

Don’t feel bad. I would, too. But for the honest souls out there, I discovered today that Costco has a way for you to reimburse those sad manufacturers who gave you a rebate on a product you returned:

If you received a Mail-in Rebate check and since have returned the item and would like to reimburse the vendor,
you may either:

  • Forward your rebate check (DO NOT void rebate check) to Costco Wholesale
  • Forward a check made payable to Costco Wholesale for the rebate amount

Wouldn’t you just love to know how often somebody actually does that? It’s got to be very very rare, don’t you think?


3 responses to “Anyone Returning The Rebates They Received on Returned Items?

  1. Williams Learner

    Actually its the correct thing to do. Its called ETHICS and INTEGRITY which apparently neither you or your friends have !

    And people wonder about the morality of others … sad state of this society !

  2. Williams Learner

    I am sorry for the last post it just frustrates me to no end how everone bit***s about corporations and then there is this company that really does try to do right by its “members” and employees and they still get screwed by the same people.

  3. The truth is I never remember to send the rebates in to begin with! But if I did I’m sure it would be too much trouble for me to write a check to send my rebate back.

    It’s not Costco that gets hurt by the rebates not being sent back, it’s the manufacturers themselves anyway. And if the manufacturer had just made the price $10 cheaper instead of making me fill out a form and send it in and wait 10 weeks for the rebate check, they wouldn’t be out the money! The whole reason they do rebates instead of $$$ off is that they hope you won’t send in for the rebate! So there!

    Hooo I need to calm down now. 🙂

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