Sarah Palin to Get a Costco

UPDATE: Sarah may have to wait. This article says Costco pulled its application to build.

If you’ve been feeling bad for Sarah Palin now that she has to head back to Alaska after being on the losing team, good news! Wasilla is getting a Costco:

After months of rumors and speculation, wholesale giant Costco appears to be serious about building in Wasilla.

City Planner Jim Holycross said Costco representatives recently filed an extensive application with the city that jump-starts the process leading to construction.

“The ball has started to roll,” Holycross said Friday.

Plans submitted to the city also show a gas station to be included with the Costco store. Costco often heavily discounts fuel prices for members.

If Costco receives final approval, the store will be build in the yet-to-be-constructed Creekside Town Square just off the Parks Highway near Target.

I apologize if I got you to read this just because I used Sarah Palin’s name to get you to click! But you never know, you might see her or Todd or Bristol there someday.


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