Living Out of a Shopping Cart? How Costco Carts Stack Up Versus the Competition

In today’s economy, it won’t be long before we’re all living on the streets or out of our cars. Or out of a shopping cart. The helpful blog “How to Live on $0 a Day” has helpfully compared the merits of various store shopping carts, so you can be sure to make the right choice when you need to steal one for your life in poverty. Here’s the Costco cart review:

Costco carts are humongous and totally lacking in style. But that’s part of their charm. In fact, it’s the only part of their charm. Two-toned in black and grey plastic and steel, the design is no-nonsense–boxy and utilitarian. Made to shlep almost a ton of your most important belongings, even the 60 inch plasma TV you can’t bear to part with. Ergonomics are mediocre. A highly placed handle bar could contribute to shoulder and neck problems with continued use. The wheel system is primitive, yielding a rather bumpy ride. All in all, not a great choice unless you’re a hopeless pack rat.

By contrast, Whole Foods gets the thumbs up:

Definitely the status cart of the bunch. Sleek stainless steel design with forest green accents. Ergonomically designed handles and baby seat. But like so many coveted vehicles, the Whole Food cart has some fatal flaws. The wheels have a tendency to stick, which makes running from the law or creditors problematic. Such thoughtless engineering is all the more unforgivable considering that shopping at Whole Foods helped you go broke in the first place.


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