Costco Giveaway of Autographed Dean Koontz Book

I used to read Dean Koontz books all the time, about the same time I was really into Stephen King. I haven’t read anything by him in a long time, but I went ahead and entered my name for this giveaway to win one of the 25 signed copies of his new book “Your Heart Belongs To Me”.

Here’s the plot of the book:

May you never be in the position of Ryan Perry in YOUR HEART BELONGS TO ME. At 34, he needs a heart transplant. A year later, healthy again, he meets a woman who is a dead-ringer for the organ donor. She wants the heart back. She’s not a ghost. She’s real–and determined.

To be honest, it sounds kind of silly. But I do have a soft spot for Dean Koontz, so I hope I win one. You have until November 25th to enter, and if you forget it increases my chancesof winning, so no hurry 🙂


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