“Prototype” Bloomfield Township (Michigan) Costco Reopens Tomorrow

All of you Michiganders who were sad when the Costco in Bloomfield Township closed in May, good news! The bigger, better Costco is now built and is opening tomorrow:

A state-of-the-art Costco is getting ready to open its doors again this week after getting a facelift at Square Lake and Telegraph roads in Bloomfield Township.

The new store, which opens Thursday, will serve as a prototype for Costco stores throughout the United States, said Brad Whetstone, assistant general manager.

The new store covers 154,000 square feet, rather than the 118,000 square feet in the old building, and is laid out specifically to Costco’s specifications.

The jewelry, fresh food and freezer area have all been expanded with the extra space, Costco officials said. “We’re expecting big things out of this location,” Whetstone said.

It sounds mostly like it’s just bigger, but if you live that way, take a look and dish on what’s new and improved.


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