Another “Which is Better, Costco or Sam’s Club?” Post

To tell the truth, these Costco vs. Sam’s Club articles can get kind of boring, because Costco is wonderful and Sam’s Club stinks like a hormonal teenager’s gym shoes, but here we ago again, this time a comparison between Costco and Sam’s in the Minneapolis area.

The opinions are from 3 different writers, one that has a Costco membership, one that has a Sam’s membership, and one with no membership. After all 3 writers compared the two — you won’t believe this — Sam’s seemed to be the winner!

Here’s some of what they said:

A recent Consumer Reports comparison of Costco and Sam’s Club gave higher marks to Costco for groceries and electronics. Shaw thought just the opposite — that Sam’s Club has a better selection of both. And despite the fact that both clubs stock around the same number of items, Bober, an avid Costco member, felt like Sam’s Club had more of everything.”I went to the stores prepared to like Costco better,” Bober said, “but I have to admit, I preferred Sam’s Club.”


The stores look and feel the same and have virtually the same layout. Sam’s Club had more of almost everything: furniture, sporting goods, magazines, pet-care products. Sam’s Club also had more brand-name items, like Nathan’s hot dogs and Edy’s ice cream, as opposed to Costco’s Kirkland brand (according to Consumer Reports, Costco offers 330 Kirkland Signature items, and Sam’s Club’s Members Mark line offers 400 items). Costco had more organic and health-conscious items. Sam’s had a better range of sizes on women’s clothing — Costco did not have any plus sizes. Fresh flowers looked better at Costco.


Taken with Sam’s Club’s “vastness” — electronics and grocery especially. Found all the staples he was looking for at Sam’s Club, although it took some hunting because, he says, things were not necessarily where you’d expect. Selection was not quite as broad at Costco. “When I asked at Costco if they carried Pop Tarts, they were Kirkland organic toaster pastries. My kids would know the difference.”

The third writer thought they were pretty much the same. The one writer who already has a Costco membership favored Sam’s but said

Sticking with Costco, for service, quality and philosophical reasons. “If I didn’t have an issue with Sam’s Club’s conservative leanings and the fact that they do not pay many of their workers a livable wage ($10.11 on average at Sam’s versus $17.25 at Costco, according to Consumer Reports), I would love to shop there. On the plus side, I really like the Kirkland brand.”

Well, that’s something at least.

I’ve been at Sam’s and I think Costco is way better — better prices and more cool stuff that Sam’s doesn’t have. I guess the fact that everything is turning Kirkland at Costco is a good argument, but I like the Kirkland stuff so it doesn’t bother me. (Although the Pop-Tart thing makes sense, if you want Pop Tarts you want Pop Tarts, not Kirkland’s version.)

I already know you prefer Costco to Sam’s or any other warehouse club, but why?


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