Second Prize in Costco’s International Photo Contest


According to The Cockle Doodle, the pic above won 2nd place in a photo contest sponsored by Costco. I don’t know anything about the contest, but I do like the picture. Here’s what you’re looking at:

These are five of my grade six students in Ejura (Ghana). I worked with them for two hours every day, helping them with English and reading skills. That’s how they sat every morning, crammed together on the bench, while I sat on another bench or wrote on the chalkboard. The pink shirts and black shorts were their uniforms…the little guy in yellow previously attended a different school, so that is his uniform. As for the bare feet, the students were required to wear proper shoes to school each day. If they arrived in flip flops (or what they called, “slippers”) the teachers would take away one of their flip flops. Most kids didn’t enjoy wearing shoes anyway, so regardless of what was on their feet, they usually took them off once they arrived to their classroom. (The boy in yellow must have snuck in late, as he still has both slippers on).

What’s she win? A $1000 Costco gift card! Or “667 hotdog/coke meals, OR 77 packages of toilet paper, OR 67 new CDs, OR 100 boxes of fruit snacks, OR a wooden play fort for the back yard that I don’t have, OR 20-30 tanks of gas.”


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