Black Widow in Costco Grapes

Here’s a news story about a woman in Seattle who found a black widow spider in the grapes she bought at Costco.

The story makes it sound like actually no big deal, at least to spider experts:

According to a spider expert at the Burke Museum in Seattle, it’s not all that uncommon.

“Some place in the U.S. almost every day of the year somebody finds a black widow in a package of California grapes,” said Rod Crawford, curator of arachnids, Burke Museum.

Crawford says while the black widow is the most dangerous spider in the U.S., spider bites are very rare.

“If you get bitten by a black widow, you should see a doctor, but nobody has died from a black widow bite in the U.S. since the 1960s. It’s not exactly public enemy number one,” he said.

If you happen upon a black widow and you can’t find anyone who’d like it as a pet (assuming you yourself don’t want it as a pet), the story says you can just kill it by sticking it in the freezer. Which sounds better than going all apeshit and smashing it with a shoe.


One response to “Black Widow in Costco Grapes

  1. There was a black widow in our Costco grapes just a couple weeks ago! I was sitting down with my toddler eating the rinsed grapes and saw something moving in a white ball of web…took it outside to see what it was and found it was a black widow. It could’ve killed my 2-year-old! I called Costco and they said it was normal and I can get a refund.

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