Does Santa Shop at Costco?

From The Stories of Life as a Goble:

Hope and I are in the car talking about Christmas presents from last year. Hope says,

“Hey Mom – remember that stuffed aminal lion that Jack got?”

I respond (somewhat distractedly), “Yeah, we got it Costco.”

(dead silence from the back seat)
“You told me he got it from Santa.”
(dead silence from the front seat)
My eyes dart quickly to the rear view mirror where I see her looking at me with an emotionless but accusing stare. She cocks her head to one side and raises her eyebrows ever so slightly.
(my breathing becomes erratic, face flushes hotly, beads of perspriration form on my forehead and upper lip)
I have no where to hide, I start stuttering, “Uh, well, what I meant wa… uh…. well…”
Hope interjects with, “Does Santa shop at Costco?”
(eyes widen, breathing immediately resumes normal pace, blood pressure drops)
“YES – good! Uh, I mean, YES! He’s a regular there honey. He LOVES it there.”
“Hmmm” is all I hear from the backseat.
I nervously look in the rear view mirror silently praying that she’s not looking at me. Thankfully she was staring out the window. She looks up at the sky and in a very logical tone says,
“He must do his shopping at night since he’s at Disneyland all day taking pictures.”

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