Here’s What I Have Coming From Costco


This Christmas we’re giving ourselves presents. It’s the 25 days of Christmas this year, starting with the 52-inch Sharp Aquos TV pictured above. I actually wanted the Sony originally, but this one’s $1500 and the Sony is $2250. I can’t tell the difference in picture for an extra 700 bucks, you know what I mean?

My friend tells me that if I get an HD TV I should also go for a Blu-Ray disc player:

blurayAnd so I do. This one’s from Sony, $230.

We were going to put the TV on the wall, but decided it against it. So we need a TV stand, or console as they call it when you’re putting a huge TV on it:


That’s not my house, it’s just the picture from, but we did buy that console, the Del Mar 60-inch Honey Maple console to be exact — $450.

If I’m doing my math right, that’s $2180 for our new stuff. We also got a Wii, but not from Costco. (I know, I know, sometimes I buy stuff at other places.) Add in the Wii and taxes, and that’s about $2500 or $2600 we’ve laid out for this Christmas. Thankfully we are planning to stay at home exclusively until March. Except to go to Costco, and I should probably go to work too.

I’m so excited! I should’ve paid the extra money to have someone set all of this stuff up tho because I don’t have a clue about all those wires. Anyone know what an HDMI cable is and what you do with it?


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