The Downside of Costco’s Rotating Inventory, or, A Man Without Oatmeal

I think every Costco shopper has had this experience: you find a product you love at Costco, often a Kirkland brand product, you come to depend on its existence, and then without warning Costco stops carrying it (or stops making it).

Garrett had lost about 50 pounds when Costco stopped carrying Kirkland oatmeal, a staple of his weight loss regime. He decided he had to have that oatmeal and determined to buy all of it before it went away. Today he is successful:

I now have a one year supply of Kirkland signature costco oatmeal, for only the low, low price of 142 dollars.

I know Costco loves to rotate the stock to keep us buying, but, come on, throw us a bone here. Costco, I’ll make you a deal… if I see a discontinued sign on a product and I am willing to commit to $200 worth of purchases of that product if you will keep it on the shelves, then you will do so, at least until I am unwilling to keep following through on that commitment. That seems fair to me. Or do I need to go higher to seal the deal?


6 responses to “The Downside of Costco’s Rotating Inventory, or, A Man Without Oatmeal

  1. FredFromLongIsland

    You’ve actually seen a discontinued sign on a product before it disappears? I am still looking for the wasabe peanuts that disappeared a couple of years ago. Also, I have discussed with several people at my office that Costco employees are great at acting surprised when you ask about a missing product. “Hmm, really? I don’t think we’ve ever sold that.”

  2. You can tell an item is discontinued when you see an “*” on the price tag. This is known by manufacturers as the death star.

  3. FredFromLongIsland

    Wow, interesting! Thanks! I guess I have seen those. I will be on the lookout.

  4. Terri in Minneapolis

    My stock of oatmeal is gone. I am happy to see you’ve already written about it.. Any luck getting it back?

  5. I see in Atlanta where the Kirkland brand oatmeal is back with different flavors. Unfortunately the new flavors seem to be much sweeter than the old variety pack. The lack of a ton of sugar was our favorite quality of the old oatmeal. Has anyone else tried the new flavors?

  6. Costco is worthless. They change products faster than I change socks and don’t care about their customers at all. No one ever reads the questions in the suggestion box, instead costco employees just throw them away. I have been buying products from costco for more than 30 years but no more. I will only shop at Sams know because they are more consistant with their products.

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