Happy Holidays, From Your Friendly Costco Receipt Checker


I thought this blog was going to be very unique, and then I found Addicted to Costco and then the even more unusual Costco Cakes… and now,  a site that is dedicated completely to Costco Receipt Art.

The theme of the blog is all about getting the Costco receipt checker to draw a little design on the back of your receipt, and then this site collects the drawings. They say that the receipt checker will usually do this if you have kids in the cart, although it’s never happened to us and my kids are still little enough I think.

Anyway, check it out. The owner of the blog even scans the receipts to create cleaner images of the cartoons. That’s sort of weird but who am i to talk?

P.S. Don’t ask the receipt checker to write Merry Christmas, though, you know that’s against the rules.


One response to “Happy Holidays, From Your Friendly Costco Receipt Checker

  1. Thanks for the props on my Costco Art blog. Be sure to see the latest posting that shows how 19 Corporate employees stopped by to check out the blog. (Gosh, slow day in the office I guess.) Soon, I will be challenging all Costco customers to see who can get the most “complex” receipt art. You’ll get extra points for a variety of marker widths, as well as using multiple colors. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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