Wear Your Costco Clothes to Costco?

This made me laugh:

About half of my “everyday” clothes are from Costco but I have a rule about not going to Costco in Costco clothes. For some reason I find it embarrassing that other Costco shoppers might recognize my clothes as being from Costco or even worse, that they may be wearing the same ones! It is not that I have anything against Costco clothes or there is any legitimate reason for me to feel embarrassed, it just bothers me for some unknown reason…it makes me feel like a lemming…or a sheep…and I hate sheep. So the other day my Mom and I went to Costco (I have my own membership, which I am oddly proud of) and I discovered (to my horror) that I was wearing nothing BUT Costco clothes. My pants, shirt, jacket, socks, underwear…everything but my bra (and probably only because I don’t like Costco bras) and my shoes were from Costco. My Mom forced me to go anyways. She thinks I am odd. I’m forced to agree.


One response to “Wear Your Costco Clothes to Costco?

  1. May I ask why you don’t like Costco bras? I’d like to pass your comments on to the design team here at Maidenform.

    Thanks so much.

    Sally Skidmore
    VP, Marketing at Maidenform

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