Quote From A Disgruntled Costco Worker

UPDATE: The blog referred to in this post has removed the post quoted below. Perhaps she doesn’t want Costco to get wind of who she is? It’s unfortunate, because I really enjoyed the post.

I assume this person works in the Costco Photo Lab:

What in the world would be so horrible about letting us have water,
we are responsible adults

This is my favorite part:

our Lab is way the ass fuck across the warehouse from the break room and the nearest drinking fountain

That’s too good. I have never heard the term “ass fuck” used to describe distance before. It goes on:

The Bakery has an installed Water fountain.
The Membership has a Bottled water dispenser.
Receiving has a Water fountain.
The Front end has both a water fountain and the food court where they can get water.
this BLOWS!!!

Apparently the employee-friendly Costco is not getting through to this one.


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