Costco in the “Good” Neighborhood

From Officer Smith:

There is a Costco store about five miles drive from where we live. This Costco is in what is considered an upper middle class city. You would expect the shoppers in that area to be polite, considerate and generally well heeled people. I assure you this is NOT the case.

The few times we have been to this store, I have been rammed with shopping carts (very much on purpose), cut off, cussed out and torqued off to no end. On our very first trip to the store several years ago, a very pregnant Mrs. “Smith” was pushed, prodded, and otherwise physically assaulted from behind by a very impatient female (I hesitate to call her a lady, and she was too old to be a girl), to the point that the misses shoved her elbow into the offender and told her to “back the fuck off”. At the conclusion of that trip, we agreed we would never go back to that Costco. Aside from a few items that our Costco does not stock, we have kept our word.

The post goes on to say that the Costco he & his wife frequent in the so-called “bad” neighborhood is much more civil.

I have absolutely no trouble believing this. I believe that when people get to a certain economic level, something changes in them, whether it’s a sense of entitlement or that need to “keep up with the Joneses” that leads them to believe that their lives and their needs are the only things that matter.


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