Costco’s on Mama’s Shit List

I love Costco but I’m with Mama on this one (Mama I apologize for stealing almost your whole post and leaving the funniest parts out):

Every year I make calendars for each member of my family and each calendar is designed specifically for that family. It’s all consuming. I barely blog, I don’t clean, and my kids are lucky if they get fed as I spend hours making each calendar perfect.

I spent the weekend combing through each calendar. This year Costco added a few fun touches to the calendar program. Now you can have up to SIX pictures on a page instead of three and there are THIRTEEN different layouts to choose from instead of the standard auto layouts. In addition, you can also choose a different border for each month with up to EIGHTEEN varieties. You can also fill in important dates on your calendar and I use that fun feature to type in everyones birthdays accompanied with an individual photo. After I’ve entered the birthday info into one of the calendars I can import all the dates from that calendar into the other calendars with a couple clicks here and there.

To move the calendar into your cart, Costco makes you flip through each page in a “preview” window. When my calendar pictures were not showing up in the preview I called customer service for help:

Me: Hey, I’m not seeing any of my pictures in the final preview of my calendar and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the website or maybe I did something, I don’t know…

COSTCO: Hmmmm…did you happen to import any dates?

Me: Yeah!

COSTCO: Oh yeah…there’s a little glitch in the system and if you import dates it will cause the calendar to look like that.

Me: Will it actually print off like that or is it just the screen?

COSTCO: No it will actually print like that.

Me: So should I go back and delete the dates??

COSTCO: Actually not even that will help. The only thing you can really do is re-create your calendar.

Me: Exxxxxxsqueeze me!?!

COSTCO: Yeah if you imported the dates it’s irreversible.

Me: No you don’t understand…I just spent two weeks…I mean HOURS creating seven different calendars for seven different families…I can’t just “re-create” them.

COSTCO: Ohhhh…yeah….I don’t know what to tell you, unfortunately there’s that glitch…

Me: And today is the cut off, there’s no way I can re do them by today…(voice cracking) they’re not going to be here in time for Christmas!

COSTCO: Noooooooo.

Me: I don’t see anything on the website warning me not to use the date importer….

COSTCO: Oh…yeah unfortunately our web designers have not set anything like that up and we’re hoping to work everything out as soon as possible.

Me: Well I think I should get free shipping or something…I mean my calendars are done, I should be able to have them before Christmas…and now (voice cracking) I have to do them all over again!!!

My heart hurts at the thought of the amount of time I put into those things just to start over less than two weeks before Christmas. Do you know what I could have spent that time doing instead of staring at Costco’s calendar editor? I mean let’s face it, eating a bag of cat food sounds more appealing to me then sitting in front of my computer for hours moving hundreds of pictures around on calendars that would never see the light of day.

Anyone that’s ever forgot to save a document on the computer knows this feeling, but it’s worse when it wasn’t you that forgot to save your document but somebody else — in this case, Costco.


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