“Buying jeans on a Costco table is a sign to the world that I’ve given up.”

What do you think? Is buying Kirkland jeans as low as you can go? Read:

While battling the most-annoying people in the world – aka every Saturday Costco customer not named me – I noticed a table of Kirkland jeans for a cheapish price and grabbed a pair.
This, as it turns out, was a poor decision.
The jeans are fine. They’re blue, have two legs and pockets. Zipper works and they wrapped around my fat ass without a great deal off effort. No, the problem is that they have absolutely no fashionable bent to them.
Thus, I’ve quit.
As the wife explains it, buying jeans on a Costco table is a sign to the world that I’ve given up.

I like this part:

God-forbid, I wear them to work on Fridays occasionally. The horror on her face is comical only in that after 11 years of marriage, we exist to create minor discomfort for eachother for the purpose of maintaining an upper hand.
So, I may be a quitter in the jeans universe, but this is another win in the great marriage war.
I score!

I don’t think I’d wear Kirkland brand jeans, but I have bought other “name” brand jeans there before, like Calvin Klein.

How about you?


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