Costco Tires Versus Sears Tires

La Cranial Billboard gives the thumbs-up to Costco over Sears when it comes to price and service on tires:

I had picked out a Michelin tire with ICE in its name (costing about $80) which is for colder, icy climates and not even carried in Santa Monica. Sears quoted me $331 for 2 tires w/road hazard and about $662 (before $56 rebate) for 4 tires – and had me convinced I’d be a fool to only replace two tires.

I didn’t like the price and drove to Costco. The Costco tire man also inspected my tires and said I had plenty of tread on two of the tires – especially since I frequently ride the bus or walk rather than drive to keep my carbon footprint low. He actually heard me when I said I drive less than 7000 miles a year whereas the Sears man must have had commission dollars dancing in his head. Costco sold me two BF Goodrich tires (after telling me BF Goodrich is owned by Michelin). Instead of paying $331, Costco charged me approximately $184 including tax – and my car performance tires rather than the Michelin passenger tires Sears wanted to sell me for $109 each.

Where Sears picks your pocket is on road hazard, tire valve stems and a couple of other items whereas Costco builds installation and tire valve stems into its price.

Except for one Costco drawback:

you do have to wait unless you time your arrival perfectly. I killed 4 hours waiting for them to get to my car and install the tires. When I called, the wait was 2 1/2 to 3 hours. By the time I arrived – about 30 minutes later, the wait was 4 hours.


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