More Problems with Costco Photo Calendars

Well, my last post yesterday told the story of “Mama’s” bad experience creating holiday photo calendars via Costco’s online service, namely that a small glitch led to all of her hours of work on the calendars vanishing into thin air.

Today comes this post that says many of the calendars that are making it to the printing stage are not up to snuff:

today I received this email from a reader:

Based partly on your enthusiastic recommendations, last year we created photo calendars through Exactly like you said, they were amazing quality and a hugely popular gift with the kiddo’s grandparents. This year, I went straight to to do them again.

They arrived today. And look horrible. Apparently they switched providers/printers, the customer service rep indicated that they were “swamped” with refund requests and quietly recommended when I inquired if I could still get the “old style” calendar. I did get a full refund, but now will have to scramble to replace them in time for the holidays (and they will be considerably more expensive even before the rush shipping).

I had the same thing happen to me. I ordered five this year, and they screwed up one of them (put the cover on backward). I am supposed to get a refund (they emailed me and said I’d be credited when I called them, but their phones are swamped and I haven’t been able to get through), but who knows if that will happen. In addition, the quality is waaaaaaay below what it was last year. Very, very poor. I can no longer recommend their service to anyone.

We had our regular Christmas photo cards done through Costco and they were cheap and good quality. But I don’t have any experience with the calendars, though they sound like a neat idea for gifts.

Anyone else have good or bad experiences with these?


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