Not to Be a Jerk, but It’s Called Costco Not Costco’s

My mother calls JCPenney “Penney’s” and I hear a lot of people call Nordstrom “Nordstrom’s” and of course a lot of people call Costco “Costco’s.

These half-wits even used it in a press release:

Rigorous studies of Celadrin have shown it to be more effective at relieving joint pain than Glucosamine. The results of these studies have twice been published in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology. Celadrin is an all natural, esterified oil and is the primary active ingredient in Inflame Away Celadrin, available at Costco’s in the northwest.

I’m not an English major or anything, but for some reason it drives me crazy when people say Costco’s (or Penney’s or Nordstrom’s for that matter).

It’s like when I see someone write “your stupid” even though they are stupid because the “your” in this case should be “you’re”. Any time you’re contracting “you are” it’s “you’re” but if you are showing possession it’s “your”, as in “your stupid mouth doesn’t know any better than to say Costco’s”.

Why do you think everyone wants to add that apostrophe and “s” at the end of these stores? What is it in humans that needs to do this? What other stores do people commonly do this with:

Piggly Wiggly’s?

Office Depot’s?

Crate and Barrel’s?

Eddie Bauer’s?

No, it seems to be mainly one-word stores. Let’s think…

Macy’s (oh wait, that really does have the apostrophe)

Dillard’s (crap, that one does too)

Now I can’t think of any other examples. But you know what I mean.


3 responses to “Not to Be a Jerk, but It’s Called Costco Not Costco’s

  1. FredFromLongIsland

    I love a good grammar rant! 🙂 On a related note, how many people do you know who still call it “Price Club”? Obviously they haven’t noticed the big signs since the name change.

  2. Yeah, here they call Kroger, Krogers, Meijer, Meijers. Drives me nuts!

  3. There is a way of considering it correct, if after the name, the word “store” is implied, as in Costco’s stores.

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