Mama Gets a Little Help on the Costco Calendars

I quoted “Mama” the other day about her problems creating Costco calendars. Today she shows the power of a well-read blog to get action:

I’ve got two calendars left to fix and then I can finally place my order with Costco. Here’s hoping I”ll get them before Christmas, but I’m not counting on it. The craziest thing happened though, one of YOU forwarded my post about the calendar issue to a very nice man who does something important for the calendar making technology for Costco’s website. Like I think he owns it or something…anyways he EMAILED me and was all “let me help you any way I can” and apologetic. SUPER nice! He had two of his very smartest most important guys working on my calendars to try to salvage them! Whoa.

I have to admit I feel kind of embarassed about that. I just picture this really smart billionaire owner of a super complex tech program reading my post about eating jelly bellies and cat food because of a calendar issue with HIS program. Ahem. Oops.

Just to clarify I LOVE the calendars. The program is fantastic. I use them every year and have never had a problem…these things happen…it just sucked at the time. I’m moving on and I will still continue to use that lovely program in the future. *blink blink*

Isn’t it cool how the blog world connects people!?!


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