Costco and Chemo

This post isn’t really about Costco, but it shows that you never know what dramas are playing out around you while you’re in Costco:

I found myself in the tire department of CostCo trying to take stock of my life today. As I sat next to a row of tires, on an iron bench, under the gaze of a smug Michelin Man poster, I wondered “How am I different?” I should mention that this is not my ideal place to have a soul searching moment. My thoughts are constantly interrupted by folks arguing with hapless tire servicemen and the occasional bump of my giant cart of crap that I’ve purchased over the last two hours. It didn’t even occur to me to get a beverage or a snack. I didn’t plan to be here conteplating the meaning of the rest of my life; it just kinda happened. It was better than listening to a stout little Mexican lady dress down Scotty for not fully informing her of their return policy. No, the corner of a CostCo warehouse is not where I imagined I’d be in my post-chemo phase.

If you have cancer, had cancer, or even if you haven’t, Chris’ blog Chemo and Vino is an interesting read.


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