Existential Dread & the 52″ TV

From arisyulianta, “Don’t whine in ’09!”:

The other day I ran into my neighbors Tim and Lisa at Costco. They’re successful people (well, lawyers actually) with two kids in private school, a pair of year-old Audis and a 2,500-square-foot duplex in a great neighborhood. And yet they do nothing but complain. For 10 minutes I heard nothing but existential dread from both of them; meanwhile, they were shopping for a 52-inch hi-def flat-screen TV.

It was bizarre. How can you be a whiner while blowing three grand on a TV? For a moment there I thought neighbor Tim would commit hari-kari right in the aisle at Costco by slitting his wrists on the razor-sharp pleats in his khakis. And Lisa could have saved big bucks by buying his casket while she was there, too.

Me? I bought a slab of salmon the size of a surfboard. But that’s beside the point.


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