It’s a Night Light, It’s a Flashlight, But Wait There’s More!


I got a big kick out of this post today about the Eco-Lite that Costco sells (you see it above):

I imagine every woman has a weakness for buying a lot of something she loves.

For some women, it’s shoes.

For others, it’s purses.

For me?

Well, for me…..

It’s emergency supplies.

She goes on

So when I was at Costco today, I happened to wander down their flashlight aisle, wondering if they had any wind-up flashlight/radio/sirens in stock.

I eventually wanted to replace our downstairs battery-powered flashlights with the wind-up ones, so I was curious to see if they had any.

And as I walked, I suddenly stopped.

And stared.

It’s a nightlight…..

That automatically turns on as a flashlight when the power goes out…..

And then you can pick up and use it as a flashlight or emergency flasher.

This is the paragraph that cracks me up:

I stood there in the middle of Costco, barely paying attention to my son who was calling every man that walked by, “Papa!  Papa!”, as I stared at this package in my hands and wondered where on earth it had been all my life.

As if that’s not enough, it was the last one on Costco’s shelf. Check out the whole post to see if she could resist its charms.


One response to “It’s a Night Light, It’s a Flashlight, But Wait There’s More!

  1. Holy smokes! Thanks for posting this—I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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