Suggested Wii Game for Seniors: Virtual Costco Shopping

You may have heard that some senior centers have brought in Wii video game systems to help seniors get some exercise by doing virtual bowling or tennis, etc. If you’ve ever played a Wii, you know it can actually be a bit of a workout.

Anyway, this smart ass John Weeks from The San Bernardino Sun says that these games could be TOO exhausting for seniors:

I’m a little worried about seniors overdoing it, and playing imaginary sports in ways that cause them to suffer sports injuries that are not imaginary.

I’m wondering, can’t the Nintendo people come up with Wii games that are a bit more age-appropriate for seniors? I know I personally would be interested in such games, as I myself am standing on the harrowing precipice of my golden years.

Ao he came up with some ideas for new games, including:

“Shopping at Costco”: Many seniors live on fixed incomes and must look for bargains, so they shop at the big box stores. This Wii game re-creates the experience of pushing around an enormous cart and loading it with supersized packages and cases of heavy essentials. It’s a great way to build stamina and upper-body strength.

I can’t decide if that article is funny or insulting.


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