The Always Open Costco Thread

If you have something to say about Costco that isn’t a comment on one of my individual posts, use this post as an open invitation to add your comment below. All comments & opinions welcome, if it’s not spam, I won’t delete it.  (Unless there’s like a thousand comments—like that’ll happen!—then I might have to get rid of some of the older ones.)


4 responses to “The Always Open Costco Thread

  1. Not too long ago I had a dream about having sex at Costco. I told my boyfriend about it and he asked if I was having sex with three people at once. (That was a joke because you always have to have more than one of everything there, get it?)

  2. Um, uh, OK, thanks for sharing… Ha ha!

  3. Hey, my most recent trip to Costco yielded more great pics.

  4. In questo giorno, come la mano

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