Who is Jeffrey Brotman?

brotmanWell, first off, Jeffrey Brotman is the co-founder of Costco and the current Chairman of the Board of the company. But you never hear much about him, only about Jim Sinegal, who is the other co-founder and still runs the company today.

Brotman doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry.

And even when he’s mentioned as a co-founder, that’s about it. We never hear about his blood sweat and tears to build the company. Was Brotman just the money man, with Sinegal being the actual brains behind the operation, or is there more to it?

I don’t know the answer. Here’s an extended profile and Brotman and his wife, and you’ll see even there that his co-founder status seems more like an offhand mention than an integral part of his being.

What’s the deal with Brotman?


14 responses to “Who is Jeffrey Brotman?

  1. Costco AND AMEX just lost a major cutomer – me – by getting political and putting Al Gore on the front of the membership magazine, The Costco Connector, to push a liberal agenda: Global Warming. All editor and publisher voicemails are “full” and Ginnie Roeglin made the mistake of picking up her phone tonight. She said she’s “had a lot of calls about the cover” – who calls when they’re happy? More interesting is that the magazine hit people’s mailboxes TODAY. Use the power of your pocketbook and BOYCOTT Costco.

  2. Shannon Taylor

    I would much rather shop at a company that promotes its political rights than one who exploits its employees and damages communities. After all, living in America means choice, just because I shop there doesn’t mean I have to agree with the politics; considering the alternative to Wal-Marts Sam’s Club…. Not an option. Research the core values and ethics displayed by both companies, especially their impact on the community through employee welfare. It’s not a hard decision for me. I’m no democrat, but they still have my shopping loyalty 100%.

  3. Ron Applegate

    Why is it that Mr. Brotman donates to the liberal cause more than the conservative cause and yet the COSTCO stores are filled with ultra conservative books and no, yes no books by liberal authors. I searched the Sparks, NV. store this day to verify this.
    COSTCO supported Sarah Palin when her book came out and then buys all the books they can from the ultra conservative authors making those in-kind contributions more than the cash they donate to the political canidates.

  4. Ellia Kassoff

    I would like to voice my disgust that Costco has stopped selling Kosher hot dogs at the snack bars of Costco. For 25 years (since Prince Club) my whole family has always enjoyed having a kosher hot dog when going to shop and I walked into my local Costco this weekend, shocked to find you changed out to Kirkland brand. I know many others are upset and they should be. I’m kosher and even though not strict, I alway go to Costco for my hot dog. You guys don’t get how important it is to many of us (Jewish or not) that you have kosher hot dogs in the snack bar. I’ve overheard many people that weren’t even Jewish comment how great the kosher dogs were. The perceptions to many members are you are trying to push a cheaper dog to them and not care about the members you hurt. I have not heard from one person so far that likes the Kirkland dog. PLEASE BRING HEBREW NATIONAL DOGS BACK TO THE SNACK BAR!!!!

  5. My son & I are currently fighting to save our home of 24 years. I have not been able to find suitable work in 3 1/2 years with this terrible economy. Today I heard from my best friend that he son quit the job that he was fortunate to get because “he didn’t like it.” Neither her nor me could believe it. If I was able to do his job I’d sure take it. Then today we have this big fundraising dinner. I understand that it takes money to run a campaign. But, come on…………People like me are losing their homes & others are shelling out $17,900.00 to have dinner with the President. Wow……..Just think, those that are like me…..Have a mortgage of approximately 107k & fighting to keep their homes……..If just 5.97765 people who can afford it were willing to help my son & I out instead of paying for such an over-priced dinner imagine what could be started. Help one person who needs it & go on to the next, those of use in dire danger of losing our homes could preserve them and the happy childhood of our children. And, for the record, I did not buy a home that I could not afford. The ONLY reason I refinanced my house to was to preserve the only home my son & I have ever known due to the fact that I had to pay my ex-husband for his portion of equity of the home when he decided to leave a marriage of 19 years, me & his son. So, not everyone in this situation has purchased a home that was more than they could afford.

  6. Jeff once came to Costco warehouse #226 in Westbury, NY and walked around for 2 hours without being noticed.

  7. ummm.. words fail me. Wow. Negative-comment trolls are everywhere these days. First of all, there are plenty of places to buy Kosher hot dogs. Ever been to a grocery store?
    Second of all, who the hell buys books at Costco? Who cares what books they sell? Again, who the hell buys books at Costco?
    Third of all, lady who was complaining about not having any money, take your pity party somewhere else. You grew up in the greatest country in world history, you’re richer than 99.99999% of the people who have ever lived in this world, and maybe you and your son should work a little bit harder and actually find a job. I found one. I also have quit jobs that I didn’t like, so I could find another one. Do we live in Spain? Do we live in Greece? Is unemployment in the 25-50% range in this country? Hell no. There are plenty of jobs out there. If you’re complaining about campaign donations, this ain’t the forum in which to do it. The man has a ton of money to spend, and he spends a lot of it on charitable causes (in fact, I would venture to say, after doing a bit of research, that he probably spends 10-20 times the amount of that dinner every year on charitable causes). Also, learn how to use personal pronouns, that shit was really hard to read. Maybe if your english was better, you could get a job.
    Basically what you’re saying is that the government and rich people should give you a bunch of money cause your life sucks. Well, I’m poor, my life sucks sometimes, but I’m not expecting handouts from rich people and the government; I’ll just be poor for a while, until I build up my work resume, and I can get a job I care about and which will provide enough money for myself. I’m 26 and have been working for ten years, and have never, ever had a problem finding a job. Quit your self-entitled belly-aching, get off your fat ass, and make your life better. No one else is going to do it for you.
    Smits Mckey has spoken.

  8. Zachary C. Husser, Sr.

    Dear Mr. Jeff Brotman, Costco Chairman

    I’m a resident of Hackensack, New Jersey and over the past years we folk living in the town have supported our Costco Wholesaler store on River Street with a great deal of purchasing vigor! Right now, economic developers are planning to open a Super Walmart Store in Teterboro, New Jersey, just two miles from OUR Costco store. It has been alleged that Costco, under your leadership, is negotiating to close Our Hackensack Store so you can connect with the project in Teterboro. I’m very much against Our Hackensack Store being CLOSED and so are several hundred other residents of our town!

    We residents in Hackensack, New Jersey need our tax dollars from the Costco Store staying in Our Town! We’ve supported the Warehouse like sports fans every year the store has been operating. Now, for all of that “Support” it is being said that your Company is about to abandoned Hackensack, New Jersey.

    I’m writing this letter as a representative of several hundred residents of Hackensack, New Jersey. We’re asking Costco, under your leadership, not to build another store just two miles from OUR HACKENSACK Costco! We’re asking you to reward OUR purchasing loyalty by keeping the Hackensack, New Jersey Costco open!

    In the Interest of Economic Development in Hackensack,

    Mr. Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer
    208 Anderson Street #8AS
    Hackensack, New Jersey 07601

    1(201) 342-6232-home

  9. Why doesn’t Costco have branches in China?

  10. Dear Mr. Brotman,

    I went to our local COSTCO in VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS…I couldn’t believe that a company with your slogan of being part of a community would have rows and rows of X-MAS paper and other goods for this holiday and have not one piece of anything for those of us in this large community who celebrate CHANUKAH! How is this possible…it is certainly insulting and perhaps you are letting us know that we don’t exist…And our Holiday comes early this year – How UNFRIENDLY and UNWELCOMING

  11. Pastor Arletha tackett

    What is your feelings about the bible

  12. Dear I Wax of Vernon Hills,
    Mr Brotman celebrates Chanukah and loves us a lotka. What company compares to the light Costco shares year round?
    I have been a customer since they opened in Miami Lakes. Costco is a teacher to all of us in small – any size – business. They are a model of the ethics and community that could foster a happier world.

  13. Dear Sir,
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    I need to discuse on Costco Middle east

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