Abusing the Costco Return Policy

This must drive Costco crazy:

Taking advantage of Mother’s Cost Co. membership and their “free computer rentals” also known as their return policy.

Heard a story recently of a mother who was at her kid’s school Christmas party.  The “room mother” (as we used to call them when I was a kid) had put very large nutcrackers in the center of each table as centerpieces for that day’s lunch. I should note that these were 2nd graders, not exactly with the greatest appreciation of aesthetics for fine dining.

The woman I know casually mentioned to the room mother that she had an awful lot of nutcrackers. The room mom said “Oh no, they’re going back to Target right after the party.”

And this was not a poor neighborhood by any means. Just abusing a policy for personal gain. (Although in this case I’d say abusing a policy for just about nothing, other than maybe trying to impress the other 2nd grade moms. God knows the kids had no appreciation for the nutcrackers, other than maybe the fun of shoving a Cheeto in the mouth of a nutcracker.)


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