Living on Costco Samples

Here’s a fun article from a guy who tried to go a day without eating anything but samples from Costco and elsewhere. A snippet:

As freeloading havens go, only Costco and Sam’s Club come close.

If you can’t slip passed the greeters, tell them you’re going inside to get a membership. You can’t purchase anything without a membership card, but that’s not a problem.

Here, you find cheese, meatballs and pastries every few feet beneath plastic domes. They give samples during the week, but their quotas are sales-based, and they get a little desperate.

On weekends, you can blend with the crowds. We caught one employee hitting the circuit herself on her lunch break. Offerings are so bountiful, we actually found ourselves passing some by.

Apparently, one can eat on samples alone.

But there are downsides to the deadbeat diet. You know all the food groups are not properly represented when your 11-year-old runs up shouting, “I found vegetables!” (Tip: supplement with multivitamin samples.)


2 responses to “Living on Costco Samples

  1. I probably should not being saying this but my retired mother-in-law has her sister’s expired costco card and uses it enter and eat up all the samples when she’s bored. It’s a favorite past time of my in laws.

  2. i really wanted to join costco,s, but now i find out that they are raising there yearly club memership fee. WHY? seems they make a nice profit every year and the working people are loosing there jobs right and left. plus the working people are not getting raises, and retired social security people have not had a raise is almost 3 years.where do these businesses think people will get the money to pay for all these BIG PROFITS…?????

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