Costco to Benefit from Circuit City Demise?

Article today talks about where the money will go that people would’ve spent at Circuit City after all of its stores close.

It says that Best Buy will be the biggest beneficiary but also Wal-Mart, Amazon — and Costco.

I sort of doubt that it will have a big impact on Costco, because I don’t think Costco’s customers were Circuit City’s customers; I think Costco customers are already buying from Costco for electronics.  I also don’t know if Circuit City customers are likely to pay to join Costco just for electronics, although maybe if they had considered Costco in the past this would be another factor that might finally tip them toward going through with it.

What do you think? How much will Costco benefit versus the other retailers that might get Circuit City’s customers?


One response to “Costco to Benefit from Circuit City Demise?

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