IMPORTANT: This blog is NOT an official blog from Costco and I never said it was, that’s first off. I don’t need Costco suing me for my millions of dollars in cash and jewels.

I’m a fan of Costco who recently made my first purchase of an individual stock — Costco of course (COST)!

Now that I’m a minority owner of Costco, I think it’s my duty to keep track of what my company’s doing. This blog is where I do that, with updates on Costco news and my own experiences as a Costco customer.

UPDATE: You can now e-mail me! I know, I’m excited, too! It’s costcoblog@live.com. I might not answer for awhile because I know I’m going to forget to check it.


9 responses to “About

  1. Really? You’re not affiliated with Costco at all but you care that much about it? Really? You don’t work in the marketing dept? Just curious.

  2. Well I don’t care THAT much about it. No I don’t work in the marketing department, but I should probably put up some contact info in case they want to hire me. I am available Costco!

  3. FredFromLongIsland

    I found your blog looking for more info about the “Wackos” (as you call them) boycotting Costco for omitting the word “Christmas” from their holiday displays and ads. Not going to comment on that here. I am a fan of Costco myself, though, and I’m happy to see you blogging about the store and your experiences. I will follow your adventures and Costco-related stories!

    P.S. Anxiously awaiting my Garmin GPS purchased from costco.com during the, uh, holiday sale.

  4. I miss Costco. When we were on Long Island, Costco was our store of choice. Now that we are in the Boonie’s, we no longer have that luxury.

  5. Nancy McCullough

    I am a loyal, long-time Costco member and shareholder. I have a question to pose:
    I notice that the folks who give out samples are, more and more often, elderly. It’s both sad that they need the income and great that the company hires old folks.
    However, why on earth do these people not have stools so they can sit down occasionally?
    I have contacted Costco (and found management surprisingly impenetrable) to ask about this. They passed me off to the vendor who, of course, isn’t the party making the decisions about this.
    I’m still getting the run-around.
    I am tempted to start a new Facebook account: I bet we can find 100,000 people who want Costco to provide stools to the old folks who work there.”
    What do you think?

  6. Actually, I’m so surprised by the blog made for a retailer! I’m a Chinese and in China, we don’t love a store that much.

  7. Melon – this ain’t China. Costco changes lives. Ok, I am being a bit dramatic, but I am also serious.

  8. i hate to shop. but the minute i am given a chance to go to costco i am ready. always something of quality and interest for me. fun, fun. already looking forward to another trip. by the way it is just around the corner, i can almost walk.

  9. cosco is a hostile work place! statements made to a worker is she is old, she needs to wear depends, she is lazy . i know this person and she is none of the above. cosco managment encourages this behavior. the news people hae not got the guts to publish what actually goes on behind the the front lines. and i bet this comment will be deleted by said people.

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