Jimmy Carter at Chicago Costco January 27

Former prez Jimmy Carter keeps cranking out books and he’s got another new one “We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land” that he is promoting these days. If you think Jimmy is the cat’s meow and you live in the Chicago area, this Tuesday, January 27, he is going to be at the Costco at 2746 N. Clybourn Ave. at 6PM. I don’t know any other details — saw it on this Jimmy Carter author page.


Costco to Benefit from Circuit City Demise?

Article today talks about where the money will go that people would’ve spent at Circuit City after all of its stores close.

It says that Best Buy will be the biggest beneficiary but also Wal-Mart, Amazon — and Costco.

I sort of doubt that it will have a big impact on Costco, because I don’t think Costco’s customers were Circuit City’s customers; I think Costco customers are already buying from Costco for electronics.  I also don’t know if Circuit City customers are likely to pay to join Costco just for electronics, although maybe if they had considered Costco in the past this would be another factor that might finally tip them toward going through with it.

What do you think? How much will Costco benefit versus the other retailers that might get Circuit City’s customers?

Living on Costco Samples

Here’s a fun article from a guy who tried to go a day without eating anything but samples from Costco and elsewhere. A snippet:

As freeloading havens go, only Costco and Sam’s Club come close.

If you can’t slip passed the greeters, tell them you’re going inside to get a membership. You can’t purchase anything without a membership card, but that’s not a problem.

Here, you find cheese, meatballs and pastries every few feet beneath plastic domes. They give samples during the week, but their quotas are sales-based, and they get a little desperate.

On weekends, you can blend with the crowds. We caught one employee hitting the circuit herself on her lunch break. Offerings are so bountiful, we actually found ourselves passing some by.

Apparently, one can eat on samples alone.

But there are downsides to the deadbeat diet. You know all the food groups are not properly represented when your 11-year-old runs up shouting, “I found vegetables!” (Tip: supplement with multivitamin samples.)

Abusing the Costco Return Policy

This must drive Costco crazy:

Taking advantage of Mother’s Cost Co. membership and their “free computer rentals” also known as their return policy.

Heard a story recently of a mother who was at her kid’s school Christmas party.  The “room mother” (as we used to call them when I was a kid) had put very large nutcrackers in the center of each table as centerpieces for that day’s lunch. I should note that these were 2nd graders, not exactly with the greatest appreciation of aesthetics for fine dining.

The woman I know casually mentioned to the room mother that she had an awful lot of nutcrackers. The room mom said “Oh no, they’re going back to Target right after the party.”

And this was not a poor neighborhood by any means. Just abusing a policy for personal gain. (Although in this case I’d say abusing a policy for just about nothing, other than maybe trying to impress the other 2nd grade moms. God knows the kids had no appreciation for the nutcrackers, other than maybe the fun of shoving a Cheeto in the mouth of a nutcracker.)

Steal a Car from Costco

From Crunchy Granola Bar:

I went to Costco to pick up my car, I had the tires rotated. When I picked up the car all I said is, “I’m here to pick up my yellow car.” The guy looked at me, gave me a piece of paper, and handed me the keys. I didn’t show him ID or any sort of paper. Basically if I’m in need of a vehicle I’m going to Costco. I mean you just look at the car you want, tell them you’re here to pick it up, and boom you got yourself a ride.

Who is Jeffrey Brotman?

brotmanWell, first off, Jeffrey Brotman is the co-founder of Costco and the current Chairman of the Board of the company. But you never hear much about him, only about Jim Sinegal, who is the other co-founder and still runs the company today.

Brotman doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry.

And even when he’s mentioned as a co-founder, that’s about it. We never hear about his blood sweat and tears to build the company. Was Brotman just the money man, with Sinegal being the actual brains behind the operation, or is there more to it?

I don’t know the answer. Here’s an extended profile and Brotman and his wife, and you’ll see even there that his co-founder status seems more like an offhand mention than an integral part of his being.

What’s the deal with Brotman?

Video: Costco’s Coming to Australia

I used to work at this company that I won’t name where every year they had a big three-day meeting where we’d go to Miami or Orlando or somewhere warm and sit in a freezing ballroom and listen to a lot of boring executive speeches and watch cheesy videos that were supposed to inspire us to think that our company really kicked ass.

I’m disappointed to announce today that Costco also has these cheesy videos, too, and now you can watch them on the Internet.

Costco is coming to Australia, and this video would have you believe that the whole world is celebrating, like we all have nothing better to do. (I know, I know, this blog proves that I personally have nothing better to do, but most people around the world do. Except maybe the Japanese.)

Anyway, here it is. Nice shots of Australia, but otherwise — cheeseballs:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1171425&dest=-1]